About Us

Let us tell you something about our company

To ensure a successful impression in this competitive business world, an application is the bloodline for its survival. Creating an impressive website is a hard task and to make such hard task easier, there are hard task masters who are App designers and developers. App designing and development is an art of making yourbusiness digital in which an App designer and developer create an attractive design of the App from technology, which can attract most of the audience with just a touch of a button.

Blueline Computers is one of the majorly established Android app designing and development service providers in the city, Mangalore. The service provided by the Android Developers always been on a top of the perfection.


At Blueline Computers, delivering quality products has been a habit, keeping our customers happy and that has been a key upfront over the last decade. Delivering a quality product at the right team is what we are trained at.


Meet our skilled team at Blueline Computers, who made a big impact in serving our clients over the years.